My butsudan

My butsudan

Hi there. Thanks for dropping by. This is a place for random bits of my efforts to chant, encourage others, and try to understand (and do!) Nichiren Buddhism with the SGI (Soka Gakkai). I’m no spokesperson, just your average everyday Bodhisattva of the Earth sharing random thoughts and personal opinions

I am a member currently living in Washington, USA. I started posting stuff as GakkaiGirl because I didn’t want to wear out my non-member friends and family with all the Gakkai related posts that I wanted to write! I am not anybody official, I am just a general member sharing my own personal thoughts and opinions.

I do a lot of tweets, but that format makes it difficult to credit the quotes. In addition, I can always make mistakes! Please make sure to study the Gosho and President Ikeda’s writings so you know when I, or anybody else, is incorrect in what we are saying!

You can find my facebook for slightly longer blips at:

You can find me on twitter for shorter blips at:

I posted a simplified version of gongyo to help people pronounce gongyo more correctly (and to always have a gongyo book on hand!) at:

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!


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